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Swastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta lock lips for Saugata Roy Burman’s ‘Tabe Tai Hok’. Joy Sengupta plays Swastika Mukherjee’s husband in the film. Tabe Tai Hok is a relationship tale revolving around Tilottama (Swastika), who loves a wild and obsessive painter called Arya (Samadarshi) but chooses to marry Amartya (Joy), a psychiatrist.

“I have locked lips with Nandita Das in my debut film ‘Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa’, I had bed scenes with Kitu Gidwani in ‘Deham’ and with Paoli (Dam) in ‘Kagojer Bou’. It’s all about whether you believe in the situation your character is thrown into,” said Joy Sengupta “Well, I switch off my personal life and switch on the life of the character I am portraying because if you are in some kind of a dilemma about being intimate with your co-star then you neither do justice to yourself nor to the character. Besides, I find bold scenes challenging,” said Swastika.  “We are not showing skin for the heck of it. We will play around a lot with light and shades during the intimate scenes. It’s not very bold; it’s just a liplock,” says the director.

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