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The Music of Earth is the best bangla band. Bhoomi band has the biggest and best collection of Bengali Songs in album JATRA SURU, which was the biggest hit album of bhoomi band. In July 2006 they became the first Indian band to play at the United Nations. Other most popular rock bands in Kolkata includes Cassini’s Division, Pseudonym, Hobos, Fossils and Cactus.


On 24th July 1999 at the Gyan Manch auditorium in Kolkata, a group of creative musicians took the stage for the first time , expressing their music as Bhoomi. The original simple lyrics, lilting melodies, aptly enmeshed with the use of a wide range of acoustic instruments, brought in with them a fresh sound that had its own identity. People identified with the music. Today the music of Bhoomi has managed to touch millions of hearts across generations and languages.


While their audio cassettes and CDs continue to dominate the music charts, Bhoomi is on its way to enthrall people with live performances all over the state and beyond. Bhoomi has completed more than 750 live concerts in a record time of just five years and the performances are on an ever-increasing graph. So far, the largest audience that Bhoomi has entertained was at the Belghoria Utsav which was inaugurated by the President of India. Bhoomi’s performance, billed as the grand finale to a week-long Festival drew a record audience of more than 40,000.


Bhoomi’s popularity is so vast that whether it be august occasions such as Netaji’s Birthday celebrations at his residence in Kolkata, the felicitation of the Indian and West Indies Cricket teams, the beatification ceremony of Mother Teresa, the launch of major TV channels, School or College fests, Government cultural programs, seminars, music festivals Bhoomi is an integral part of these events. Bhoomi’s presence is also solicited in major opinion-forming discussions be they on TV, Radio or the Press.


Millions of fans across the length and breadth of the country write in with their good wishes, opinions, feelings, encouragement and keep the motivation alive. Bhoomi songs are always the most requested ones on the FM Radio channels. Phrases in the lyrics have become the part and parcel of contemporary Bengali usage such as KAAM SARSE, POCHA KAKA, TOMAR DEKHA NAI or AMAR JE KI HOBE.

Bangla Band BHOOMI : 6 Albums

Here’s my latest offering, a comprehensive collection of all Bhoomi Albums

The albums are :-

[ 1 ] Jatra Suru

[ 2 ] Udaan

[ 3 ] Isspecial

[ 4 ] Paal Chutechhe

[ 5 ] Lokgeeti Local

[ 6 ] Dekhtey Dekhtey



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